100 Full VIN Decodes (All Available Attributes)

Full VIN Decoding
  • Decode all available VIN attributes
  • Decode via web interface or API

Decode North American Light and Heavy Duty applications and receive all available VIN information for each. This list includes:

  • Country
  • Make
  • Model
  • GVWR Class
  • Model Year
  • Assy. Plant
  • Drive Line Type
  • Cab Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Engine Manufacturer
  • Brake System
  • Manufacturer
  • Vehicle Type
  • Chassis
  • Engine Series
  • Engine Capacity
  • Series
  • Body Type
  • Restraint System
  • Transmission

*** note: not all attributes available for all vehicles ***

Decoding options include:

Our online decoder:


Our decoding API:

Upon your completed purchase, you will be sent a unique API key which can be used in either application. the API can return the information in JSON (default) or XML format. To change the format to XML, simply add the "&output=xml" parameter to the end of your API call.

Below is the format you can expect for output:

           "result": {
                           "message": "VIN Validated",
                           "vindata": {
                                           "Manufacturer": "Chrysler%20Group%20LLC",
                                           "Make": "Jeep",
                                           "Model%20Year": "2015",
                                           "Model": "Cherokee",
                                           "Engine%20Manufacturer": "",
                                           "Engine%20Series": "V%2D6%203%2E2L",
                                           "Engine%20Capacity": "V6%2C%203%2E2L%20%28EHB%29",
                                           "Fuel%20Type": "Gasoline",
                                           "Vehicle%20Type": "MPV",
                                           "Cab%20Type": "",
                                           "Chassis": "LH%20Drive",
                                           "Drive%20Line%20Type": "4WD",
                                           "Brake%20System": "Hydraulic",
                                           "Series": "Latitude",
                                           "GVWR%20Class": "5%2C001%2D6%2C000Lbs",
                                           "Country": "United%20States",
                                           "Assy%2E%20Plant": "Toledo%20North%20Assembly",
                                           "Body%20Type": "4%2DDoor%20Sport%20Utility",
                                           "Restraint%20System": "",
                                           "Transmission": ""

You can also add the “&output=XML” to the URL to get the output in XML